A Heartbreaking Account: 17-year-old student shares her harrowing experience during the Michigan high school shooting by Ethan Crumbley.

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A 17-year-old girl testified on Friday that During the Mass Shooting at Oxford High School in Michigan in 2021 that left Four Classmates Dead and Seven others Injured, She "Just Prayed" and Covered her Head.

Heidi Allen stated, "I didn't know if those were my last Moments," At a hearing to decide if Crumbley should spend the rest of his Life Behind Bars Without the Chance of Parole.

As Allen Recalled the Horrific Events, Crumbley – in an orange jumpsuit – Stared down at the defense table from behind his Black-Rimmed Glasses.

Allen Claimed that when she turned a corner in a School Hallway, The Shooter Came out of a Lavatory. Allen claimed that Despite his Mask and All-Black Attire, she still recognized him. She Claimed that they had gone to School Together Since Middle School.

" At that time, My Mind was Racing with Ideas, But I was Certain of Who it Was. Allen testified, " But at the Same Time, I just thought there's No Way that Could be Him.

She remarked, Covering her Head, " Everything kind of slowed down for me," Before squatting to the Ground.

"The silence was great. There was nothing but Silence. There were only gunshots."

Allen Could Feel the Shooter Getting Close to Her.

She calmly stated, " I just closed my eyes and eventually I realized he was gone," While other victims' families sobbed in the Courtroom During her Evidence.

Nearby, Two female students were lying on the Ground. There was another Downed Girl in the Corridor.

Allen stated, " I asked everyone in the hallway from where I was if anybody had been hit." And nobody has responded because they were Unable To.

Only Phoebe Arthur, Who was Standing next to her Lover, Was present. Arthur was in tears. After assisting her to stand, Allen looked for an empty classroom. Allen secured the door with the night lock after Entering.

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A Prosecutor Questioned, " How did you know how to install the night lock? "

Since middle school, Drills have been held Annually, According to Allen.

A teacher asked Allen to place the Night Lock on the door during a drill a month before the Incident.

" I Didn't Know How to Do It , " She Admitted. " I was Unable to Understand It. She came Over and Demonstrated How to Do it Precisely. I Was Prepared and Knew Exactly What to do when that time Came.

Along with her classmate, Allen prayed. She Recalls believing that she was supposed to remain unharmed in the Corridor.

" When I Questioned her About her knowledge of God, She Responded, " Not really. But I Remarked, " I assume I'm destined to be here right now because there is no Other Explanation for why I'm fine and in this Corridor, Unharmed.

Arthur has made it.  In order to prevent her from Experiencing the Trauma, Allen later turned Arthur's back from the bloodshed as They Exited the Classroom.

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