Burning of ' immoral ' musical instruments by the Taliban

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Musical Instruments Burning Image

In Afghanistan, The Taliban have Set Fire to Musical Instruments, Stating that Music "Causes Moral Corruption'.

On a bonfire on Saturday in Western Herat Province, Musical Instruments Worth Thousands of Dollars Burned to the Ground.

The Taliban have Enacted a Number of Limitations Since Coming to Power in 2021, One of which is the Prohibition on Performing in Public.

The founder of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, Ahmad Sarmast, Compared their Behavior to "Cultural Genocide and Musical Vandalism".

"Artistic freedom has been denied to the Afghan people... The Taliban's Control of Afghanistan has Resulted in a Cultural genocide, As seen by the burning of musical instruments in Herat, Said Dr. Sarmast, Who is now living in Portugal.

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According to Pictures Posted Online, Among of the Things Burned in Herat included a Guitar, A harmonium, A tabla, A type of Drum, As well as Amplifiers and Speakers. Many of these were taken at City Wedding Venues.

Playing Music, According to a Representative of the Taliban Vice and Virtue Ministry, "Causes the Youth to go Astray."

The Taliban Organized a same Instrument Bonfire on July 19. At the Time, Its Administration Shared Images of the Fire on Twitter but did not specify where in the Nation it had Occurred.

Between the Mid 1990s and 2001, When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, All types of music were outlawed from public meetings, TV, and Radio.

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