Cryptocurrency price forecast for August 31, 2023: ETH, BTC, and Cardano

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Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: ETH, BTC, Cardano, 31st Aug 2023

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital or Virtual Money that is encrypted. It is Decentralized which means that there is no need for Broker like banks because it runs on a Peer to Peer Network.

The most well-known Cryptocurrency is Bitcoin which was Developed in 2009 under the Pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto by an Un-Identified person or Group of Individuals.

The potential for anonymity and pseudonymity offered by cryptocurrencies is one of their fundamental characteristics. The identity of the people involved in transactions are frequently concealed or represented by cryptographic addresses while the transactions are being recorded on the blockchain.

In addition to Bitcoin  many other cryptocurrencies have developed over time each with unique features and goals. The most well-known ones include Bitcoin Cash  Ethereum  Ripple  Litecoin  and Ripple. These cryptocurrencies have a variety of uses  like supporting smart contracts  facilitating quicker transactions  or emphasizing privacy.

Due to their potential to serve as an alternative form of payment and investment  cryptocurrencies have attracted a lot of attention. They provide advantages such fee reductions  borderless transactions  and the potential for high rates of return on investment.

They do  however  also include hazards  including as price volatility  regulatory ambiguity  and security flaws.

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to completely change the way we exchange and hold wealth  and they represent an intriguing nexus of technology  finance  and encryption.

Before making any purchases or investments  it's crucial to approach the cryptocurrency market cautiously and conduct in-depth study.

The following are key cryptocurrency forecasts for 2023:

Price Prediction for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Image
On Saturday, Bitcoin's technical features remained stable despite market turbulence.

The value of Bitcoin, a well known digital Asset, has grown since it was first purchased for $25,500. BTC/USD Seems to have completed its upward correction, and a price of $27,400 is likely to be Reached.

The Bitcoin price chart on Trading View indicates that BTC has the potential to rise above this figure and settle around $28,650.

Bitcoin still has room to expand, despite recent fluctuations. But if Bitcoin drops below $25,450, it might drop as low as $24,100.

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Estimated price of Ethereum

Ethereum Price Image
Since the August 17 crash, Ethereum's (ETH) price has been fixed between $1,699 and $1,630.

The market received some momentum from the potential approval of an ETH futures ETF, but not enough to push it outside of its comfort zone. Momentum indicators like the RSI and AO presently suggest to a market that is weakening, and the PoS token may decline as a result.

The price of Ethereum may drop below the $1,630 support level as volume falls before moving southward into the $1,507 support level. This would be a 10% drop from present levels.

Expect the Ethereum price to climb and overcome the current doom if the ETH ETF story continues to drive the market. The present bearish perspective would only be disproved if ETH were to turn the supply zone (green) into a bullish breaker, breaking above it to recapture highs above the psychological $2,000 threshold. While a break above the immediate barrier at $1,699 would be wonderful, only then would the current bearish view be disproved. This would indicate an increase of 20%.

Price Prediction for Cardano

Cardano Price Image

According to the ADA price chart below, a significant demand zone is operating in the $0.22–$0.24 area. The price retested and recovered off this demand zone after last week's sell-off. If this strong support level was broken, the price prediction for Cardano would turn very negative.

In this post-apocalyptic scenario, the bears may target the psychological level of $0.01, or the ley, which is the next significant support on the monthly chart. If the price moves higher from where it is right now, bulls must retake the $0.30 barrier level.

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