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Elon Musk has Said that the blocking feature will be deleted for X users, formerly known as Twitter, because it "makes no sense."

However, According to the X CEO, users would still have the Option to prevent Users from Messaging them Directly.

Still, a lot of individuals on Social Media claimed that it would be Challenging for people to Delete Offensive posts from their Timeline.

It is the Most Recent Modification Mr. Musk has Made to the Website since Acquiring control of it in a $44 billion Acquisition last Year.

Currently, when users " Block " an account, neither the postings from the blocked account nor vice-versa Appear on the blocker's Timeline.

A Blocked Account is no longer able to Communicate with the blocker via messages or view their Postings.

Jack Dorsey, the former founder of Twitter, appeared to support Mr. Musk's Choice, writing on Twitter: " 100%(Percent). just on Mute.

Anyhow, there are panic that Muting an Account could not offer enough Defense Against incidents of harassment, abuse, or Stalking.

Cuently,rr the mute feature simply disables notifications for an Account's Postings. A Muted Account can still see and respond to the Muter's Posts.
One user referred to Mr. Musk's Choice as a " Huge Mistake " and claimed that there were " Toxic-People " on the network that consumers did not want to Contact with in any Manner.

Removing a Blocking Function Could also go Against the rules of Websites like Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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The Terms of both Shops stipulate that social media apps must give users the option to Block out Harassment or Bullying.

  • It Might Imply that such stores no longer provide X for Download.
  • It is unclear if all blocked accounts will automatically get Unblocked if the Policy is Implemented.

But, users can choose to keep their Account Private, preventing the General Public from seeing their Tweets and limiting access to only their Chosen Followers.

When Elon Musk, the Richest Man in the World, acquired control of the social networking platform, he made a number of changes, including Firing the Company's top Executives and charging for the " Blue-Tick " ( or verification ) Feature.

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